Terrific Movies For The Weekend

For this weekend, we have planned for you, a very contrasting collection of engaging movies. Judge for yourself - two dramas, a comedy and a satire. We surely hope you will enjoy these films as much as we did. Have fun.

The Impossible
In December of 2004 a massive tsunami hit the coast of Thailand, causing many deaths and a vast damage. A family of five was celebrating their Christmas holidays in one of the resorts when the tsunami swept their hotel away. The parents and their three little sons were separated by the calamitous events to eventually enjoy an almost miraculous reunion. This fascinating and a dramatic film based on true events will surely keep you engrossed through every minute of it.

A satire from the productions of India aims to expose organised religions and the related prejudices. Based on an alien who has landed on our Earth to explore the potential connection with his own people, the film, scene after scene, offers refreshing humour and perhaps a bit of education.

The Perks of Being a Wall Flower

Based on a book by the same name by Step[hend Chbosky the film is partially autobiographical. It’s a striking tale of an introverted teenager who is holding back a dark secret and at the same time has been doing his best to fit in among his peers. The film has been made with great sensitivity . Logan Lerman, Emma Watson and Ezra Miller play the lead roles.

Quite a different cup of tea, is our last tip from today´s movie selection. The film Focus, starring beautiful Margot Robbie and the ageless Will Smith uncovers a story of a leader who runs a very unusual and profitable enterprise. A vast network of small harmless thieves blend among masses of people with one aim only – to steal whatever they can, in order to resell later.

Photo: IMDB

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