Ten Creepy Places To Visit On Halloween


For all those who want to try a brand new experience on October 31, this Halloween you might consider visiting one of the reportedly haunted places around the world. Haunted or paranormal places are often connected with unfortunate events, such as murders, and it is an individual question whether you believe the stories are real or figments of someone‘s imagination. The best is to judge for yourself.

  1. Frankenstein Castle, Darmstadt, Germany

Frankenstein Castle, Germany / Photo: Shutterstock

Frankenstein Castle, Germany / Photo: Alexander Boden

  1. Houska Castle, Czech republic
    This is supposedly the entry to hell. Visitors often return with tales of anxiety  and distress.

Houska Castle / Photo: Shutterstock 

Houska Castle / Photo: Scary Side of Earth

  1. Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, California, USA
    This long-closed prison reportedly hides paranormal activities such as screams, slamming doors, or glimpses of long-dead people.

Alcatraz Island / Photo: Shutterstock

Alcatraz Island / Photo: ars5017

  1. Aokigahara Forest, at the foot of Mount Fuji, Japan, has earned its fame by the unfortunate number of suicides that take place there every year. Therefore the forest is considered haunted, and it has truly it acquired a very sad reputation.

Aokigahara Forest / Photo: Shutterstock 

Beautiful views towards Mount Fuji hide the disturbing secrets below. View of Mt. Fuji with Aokigahara forest / Photo: Shutterstock 

  1. Island of the Dolls, Xochimilco, Mexico
    The old story tells that a girl drowned here and her soul haunted the caretaker on the island. To release her soul he hanged many dolls from the trees, but she still wanted him to accompany her. On the day the man revealed the story, he died. Since then, the two of them have been seen together.  The hanging dolls create a creepy atmosphere.

Island of the Dolls / Photo: Shutterstock

  1. Old Changi Hospital, Changi, Singapore
    A hospital that also served as a prison where torture took place has been reported to be haunted,with many ghostly apparitions.

Old Changi Hospital / Photo: Brian Jeffery Beggerly

  1. Hell Fire Club (Montpelier Hill), County Dublin, Ireland
    This is a place that witnessed satanic rituals in the past and is believed to be the home of the devil.

Hell Fire Club / Photo: Jason Rogers

  1. Bhangarh Fort, Bhangarh, India
    According to old legends, the place was destroyed by a curse, and ever since the locals have refused to live anywhere near it.

Bhangarh Fort / Photo: Shahnawaz Sid

  1. Moosham Castle, Salzburg, Austria
    This is the place where many executions of people accused of witchcraft have taken place. What makes it interesting is that most of the victims were not women, as would be expected, but men.

Moosham Castle / Photo: Shutterstock

  1. The Myrtles Plantation, St. Francisville, Louisiana
    Currently a B&B, believed to have been built on an ancient Tunica Indian burial ground. It hosts several ghosts who wonder through the place, among them the former attorney who was shot and died on the staircase.  To this day, his heavy footsteps are heard by visitors.

The Myrtles Plantation / Photo: Shanna Riley

A swamp at the Myrtles Plantation  / Photo: Shutterstock

Title: Island of the Dolls / Photo: Kevin

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