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The concentration by this university is in the areas of natural sciences, engineering, medicine and technology issues with reference to social sciences. This university is ranked number one in Germany and holds 55th place in the world rankings. Interestingly their motto is ‘The Entrepreneurial University’.

Technical University of Munich - Free Online Courses
Free Online Courses at Technical University of Munich

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Technical University of Munich was the first in Germany to develop and offer free online courses to reach a wide array of students in different parts of the world.

Even though some of their courses from the past still have learning material online this is only partial. It is therefore best advised to aim for their current courses which are many, and quite interesting. Here are some of these:

They do have more courses. However, some of these are taught in German language. While Make Your Own App is archived at present and the date for restarting the course will be announced by the university the rest of the courses are available for enrollment. For more information please visit.

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