Tech Startup: Meet First Headphones That Pulse to the Music and Your Heart

A new kind of technology is hitting the market, named 'Glow'. These are not as random headphones we are used to have until now, it is the first smart headphones with laser light.

On the boom of wearable this product it’s the last add on the list. Glow headphones light on a pulsive way simultaneously with the person’s heartbeat and the rhythm of the music that is playing.

“Music is already a very expressive medium, so having light synchronize with the music makes the experience that much better,” a company spokesperson says in Glow’s promotional video.

This product is already on the market and their battery lasts up to 8 hours, can be recharged and color is changeable on three options: red, green and blue.

 Glow was published as a project on Kickstarter on 27th January 2015 and it reached the funding goal of 100.000$ for just 12 hours, they even trespassed it reaching now up to 265,076$.

 The headphones are designed to work with Android devices, so that in itself is a big perk — most audio accessories are created with iOS in mind and aren’t tailored for Android. If the project’s popularity continues (and it reaches its “stretch” goal on Kickstarter), the company will look into launching an iOS version, but for now it’s focused on building out features for Android.

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