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Students´Life in Tokyo

The most populous metropolis in the world. A culture well apart from any other. An ultramodern city that also blends tradition into itself. Restaurants, the most neon lights, religious sites, art museum and the busiest pedestrian crossings compared to anywhere else. You are in Tokyo, Japan.

University cities – Tokyo, Japan

Japan by itself is a country well known for its universities, most of which are well above par. Over the years the country has been attracting students from all parts of the world and the population of international students has been on the up and up. The last available data from the statistics department showed that the country had over 267,000 international students in 2017. Today this number is estimated to be close to 300,000.

Italian Cuisine: Your New Hobby with Best Cooks Online

The online world offers a wealth of quality sources to learn new and master your old hobbies. We want to bring you the best instructors and courses online for your favorite pastime activities. Italian cuisine is the best place to start! In this article, you will learn where to find an Italian grandma sharing her time-tested family recipe of classic pasta. Sounds delicious, right?

InterActions Professional Exchange Opens Call for Applications

InterActions enables professional exchange and cooperation between civic initiatives, independent media, research institutes and social business in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The deadline is on 30 April 2020.

QUIZ: Who Quoted This?

For this week we have some interesting famous quotes for you. Can you correctly say who said what?