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The Elevator Pitch and When to Use it

Communication is always based on an interest of one kind or another. Whenever we talk to someone, we know that there must be an interest: to make friends, transact business, engage in negotiations, or other types of relationships. Always, there is the element of “interest”, whether personal or professional. It’s as though we’re constantly responding to the urge to prove our value, in front of people. So how does the “elevator pitch” or “elevator speech” relate to all this? When, and why exactly, do we use it?

Digital Skills: 15+ Must-Have Google Search Tips 

Google is one of the tools that we use without a second thought. When it comes to technology like this, we may not even recognize its full potential to make our life easier. But every now and again we come across a lifehack that completely changes the way we do something and we wonder about why we haven’t learnt about it earlier. In this article you will learn about 15+ shortcuts to help you google like a pro.

Future Jobs: Engineering and Cloud Computing

As data is becoming an increasingly valuable commodity, the demand to access information without being confined to one location is growing. More companies are turning to cloud computing, which allows them to gain a competitive advantage and hire more engineers. In this article we will cover hard skills, job offers, and internship positions for cloud computing professionals.

McMaster University – Free Online Courses

Ranked among the top 100 in the world, the university offers some unique online courses.

The University of Melbourne – Free Online Courses

The University of Melbourne which is the second oldest research university in Australia and one of the premier universities in the world has made a serious attempt to offer free online courses.