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Free Online Courses for Nutritionists and Dieticians

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics along with the Commission of Dietetic Registration had forecast way back in 2010 that Dieticians and Nutritionists will be very much in demand. Even though the workforce in these professions is not yet in critically short supply, the need is way above average compared to many professions and is to continue in the times to come. In this article, we talk about some of the important aspects of the profession and free online courses that help add to your qualifications and knowledge.

Scholarships in Agribusiness and Tourism

With the ever-increasing demand for smart farming solutions, agricultural opportunities have sprung to provide both youngsters and professional hands-on experience to exchange ideas, apply them to practice, and learn new techniques. From volunteering and exchange programs to bootcamps and scholarships, agricultural business is gaining momentum. Let’s have a look at opportunities that will enable you to gain experience and receive support at all stages of your professional development.

3 Spooky Halloween Decorations Every Home Should Have

The spookiest time of the year is nearly here, and though Halloween may be a little different this time around in the wake of lockdowns and in an age of social distancing, that is no excuse for not celebrating the haunted holiday with some spooky Halloween decorations.

Better Safe Than Sorry: 5 Common Internet Scams

Online scams are rising in popularity and costing individuals a lot of money. Reported romance scams, for example, are among the most costly. In 2019, they cost victims over 201 billion USD and the numbers continue to rise. Sometimes we treat our online life with less caution, perhaps because we do so many online transactions while in the safety of our homes. It is important to understand that every click we make has a consequence and we can get into as much trouble online as we can walking down the street. Being aware of the possible scams is a great step at keeping yourself safe from online criminals.

YouTube Tips and Tricks for Creators

Many of us have been using YouTube for recreational purposes only and are familiar with the typical features of the platform. But in case you’re thinking about becoming a YouTuber and creating content, you will benefit from numerous tools that this powerful ecosystem has to offer. Today we will talk about YouTube Studio and some of its features.