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Natural Wonders of the USA

Many countries in the world are gifted with natural wonders and rich displays of nature, the USA being one of them.

Gemstones From Brazil

While diamonds are still mined in the country, this mineral rich nation continues to be flush with emeralds, topaz, amethyst, emetrine, citrine, tourmaline and opal among many other natural gemstones.

5 Tips For Travelling With Your Mom

Travelling with your mom is much more challenging than with your friends or partners. Due to the “reversed power”, the one who is usually taking care of others becomes the…

Nice, France – A Place Where To Live

Nice on the renowned French Riviera is not only about history but is close to many of the cities such as Cannes, Antibes, Monte Carlo, Gras and others. A city…

The forces of sand – Deserts of the world

These innocuous fine particles called sand can wear away and erode anything that stands in its way when blown by the wind. Rocks become smooth, buildings get destroyed. See the…