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École Polytechnique, France – Free Online Courses

The most distinguished universities in France are termed as grandes écoles. Most of the students qualifying out of these go on to make a fine career for themselves. École Polytechnique is one of these institutions.

University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada – Online Courses

The University of Calgary which is a public research university at one time was a part of the University of Alberta. Today the university has 14 faculties and more than 80 research institutes.

Staying Safe Online: Sextortion among Youth

It is almost impossible to discuss the prevalence of the internet in most young people’s activities without sparing the time and attention to talk about its side effects and shortcomings. With this piece, we want to raise awareness of Cyber Extortion and everyone's vulnerability to being blackmailed online. Also known as sextortion, Cyber Extortion a form of cyberbullying where someone threatens to share intimate images of you online unless you do what is requested. In this article, you will learn what is digital hygiene and practical tips on how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe online.

How to Tell If a Fashion Brand Is Sustainable

Have you ever heard about Fashion Revolution? It is a movement that started in 2014 and that aimed to answer the question: Who made my clothes? Ever since, there has been an increased public awareness regarding the cycle of clothes-making. But how can we figure out which brands are complying with sustainability and which are not? Are there any steps we can take, so that we can also feel like we’re doing something to require that there must be more sustainable fashion? Read along to understand.

Happy International Day of Friendship!

Friendships are uniquely simple and sublime. We usually tend to look at friendships more as private matters. However, International Day of Friendship, annually observed on 30th July, suggests otherwise.