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International Day of Peace: Resolving Differences 

Each year, on 21 September, the United Nations (UN) calls on everyone, in every corner of the world, to observe 24 hours of non-violence and cease-fire. As we may all agree, 24 peaceful hours are definitely not sufficient for having prosperous communities living in harmony, however, this symbolism reminds us of the importance of enjoying life in peace. Youth Time will brief you on the background of International Day of Peace and will elaborate on the ways people work towards peacebuilding missions with the Conciliation Resources initiative.

10 Inspiring Women to Follow in 2020

The role of women in society has evolved significantly in the last few decades. Women have more rights and opportunities than ever before. These women, and so many others, are slowly changing the world. By excelling in sports, politics, activism, writing, acting and doing whatever they are passionate about, these women make waves in the very fabric of society. Every woman has the power to do something amazing with their lives and to inspire others to do the same.

What Do You Know About Your Attachment Style?

We are all bound to different patterns in life, depending on the circumstances we were raised in and during which we grew out our personalities. To make our search of ‘the self’ easier, psychologists have elaborated on three attachment styles. Read below to see which is yours!

EDHEC Business School- Free Online Courses

EDHEC is a Grande Ecole and considered to be one of the exclusive higher education institutions in France. They have three campuses in France and one each in Singapore and London.

SEO Tips for Maximum Blogging Potential in 2020

Understanding search engine optimization can make all the difference between a blog that succeeds and one that fails. Even companies and brands that don’t create content need to learn basic SEO in order to attract customers in a digital age. It is never too late to educate yourself and spruce up an existing website to improve organic traffic and result in maximum visibility. Learning a few basic tips as well as certain annual updates can take your business to the next level.