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How Technology Affects Relationships

He has had a tough day at work and can hardly lie still in bed. His girlfriend seems distant from him, but close to the phone light which shines on her pale face. At the same time that she is seems distant to the person right next to her shoulders, she is feeling close her friend, who lives far across the ocean.

The Local Pathways Fellowship

The 2020 cohort of the Local Pathways Fellowship will bring together a network of 100 young thought leaders, urban planners, sustainability advocates, researchers and innovators from 100 different cities across the world to advance local dialogue, collaboration and problem solving around the Sustainable Development Goals and to make cities and urban settlements “smart, fair and sustainable”. The deadline is on 15 December 2019.

Leisure Time in Auckland

Some of the friendliest people in the world, a multi ethnic society, inactive volcanoes, rain forests close-by, seaside promenades, museums, Polynesian villages and much more. You are in Auckland, New Zealand.

University Cities – Auckland, New Zealand

Having written about Christchurch, last week, we continue to delve into New Zealand and shall cover Auckland in this article.

Westerwelle Young Founders Programme

The Westerwelle Young Founders Programme is a fully funded 6-month-long programme for outstanding young entrepreneurs from emerging and developing countries. The program will start with the Young Founders Conference on 10-14 March 2020 in Berlin. During this time, the 25 participants have the unique opportunity to meet and interact with successful entrepreneurs, investors and political decision makers. The deadline is on 3 December 2019.