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One World Scholarship – Study in Salzburg or Tyrol

One World Scholarship programmes are specifically aimed at students from the developing world. The students are from Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Top 10 Future Skills: Judgment and Decision Making

With the rise of automation comes the rise of soft skills. The landscape of work is shifting, and in order to keep up with the change, workers need to develop competencies that machines won’t tackle. In this series we talk about the top 10 soft skills that will help you to thrive in 2020. And today’s skills are judgment and decision making.

Adventure Travel: Canyoneering in Southeast Asia

Canyoneering is a fun activity that simply means exploring a canyon from point A to point B using a range of techniques. This can include walking, rafting, climbing, sliding, jumping, and more! This type of activity is especially popular in Southeast Asia, and many people travel to gorgeous canyons in that part of the world to take on these adventures. My husband, Isaac, and I discovered canyoneering in China and traveled to Indonesia and Vietnam to experience canyoneering in Southeast Asia first-hand.

Boustany Foundation – Cambridge University MBA Scholarship

The foundation is based in Switzerland and Monaco offers several scholarships each year. These are actually two bodies and are said to represent many nationalities and backgrounds.

PASET – PhD Scholarships

With its efforts concentrated on Africa, PASET Regional Scholarship and Innovation Fund that aids highly talented scientists and professionals from Sub-Saharan Africa, in Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology.