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Students´ Life in Greece

Where ever you look there is astounding heritage and magnificent beaches. Where ever you go you'll find the most affable people who may even invite you to their homes if you run into them the second time. This is a country of 200 islands and much more. A country that cannot be fully explored in one lifetime. You are in Greece.

Greece – a Hub of Philosophy and Science

Since time immemorial many a student has traveled to Greece to study philosophy and sciences. It’s a country where it is easy enough to find amicable people, actually almost chummy, who will welcome you to their country, their homes and most places you might go to. Once in a while you will be coached, whether you want it or not, in how almost everything originated in this ancient civilization, all done in such a nice way that you’ll in all likelihood enjoy it.

For Creative Girls 2020 Mentoring Program for Emerging Female Creatives

This program is a One-on-One virtual mentorship guidance that will hold for 2 months causing accelerated growth in a person who is thirsty for growth in their chosen field. The deadline is 9 March 2020.

Dinner For Four For Under 4 Euros – Shepherd´s Pie

Not long time ago we at IT started a new series dedicated to budget recipes. After considering several factors, the goal was set to reach 4 Euros per meal for four people. It would almost be understood that most of these meals would be vegetarian containing the most basic ingredients. Not quite. To prove it, we would like to show you that even one of the most expensive meats - beef could be included in a budget meal. Today we are preparing shephard´s pie.

Data Journalism: Is the Norm of Objectivity Already Subverted? Experts Opinion

Having had experience in journalism, I have had the chance to witness and observe the extraordinarily rapid changes that are occurring due to recent technological advances. Now cooperating with Youth Time as a freelance writer to keep that journalism spirit alive, I understand the profound impact digital technology currently has, and has had for some years now for that matter, in reshaping the traditional pace of journalism. Its impact does not end just with the question of pace. In fact, technology is almost entirely changing the ways people do the things they have been doing for a while now.