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How To Ace The New Duolingo English Test

Recently, Duolingo has introduced an English test that is now accepted on par with IELTS and TOEFL at universities worldwide.

Books Can Be Your Therapy: Five Books to Read When You...

Life is not a never-ending party that always brings joy and elation. Even the most successful people have experienced streaks of bad luck which have resulted in moral breakdown and emotional exhaustion verging on frustration.

Romance Scams: Losing Money and Hope Online

I like compliments and very likely you do too. In the influential book of the 20th century How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie names "giving honest and sincere appreciation" a time- and psychology-tested approach for someone to become a bit more benevolent and open to you. This article is not about making friends but a very personal story of how in 2020, this very need for love and acceptance is exploited to take advantage of people online.

7 Games for Math Experts

If you are a fan of mathematics, then you know that finding a solution to a mathematical puzzle or challenge can be a lot of fun, but the challenges posed by textbooks and exams can be very dull and repetitive.

Australian Scholarships: A Complete Guide For International Students

With more than 40 universities across the country, Australia is amongst the top destinations for international students. With numerous scholarships that cover tuition fees and living expenses, top-tier education becomes for affordable for students of all backgrounds.