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Better Safe Than Sorry: 5 Common Internet Scams Part 2

Unfortunately, there are people in the world that make a living by stealing money from those who worked hard to earn it. Scams used to happen on the streets, where people are on alert. Today they happen more and more online and via phone calls. It can be easy to let your guard down when you’re on your phone at home. Scammers rely on this and use any means necessary to make a profit. Statistics show that around 50% of people contacted by a scammer engage with them. Of those approached by scammers on social media, 91% engaged and 53% lost money. Understanding the following common scams is a great way to help avoid falling for them.

What You Need to Know About Trigger Words

In psychology, trigger words are phrases that prompt a certain reaction or remind us of a particular memory. Today, trigger words are widely used in online marketing, advertisements, and news headlines, to grab our attention in split seconds. Once they caught our eye, trigger words are to persuade us to undertake a certain action: a purchase, a share, a like, or simply - a click.

World Development Information Day in a Nutshell

In this Youth Time piece, you will read about the marking of World Development Information Day, its background, relevance and ways to observe it, as well as how development is related to nowadays’ technology and its proper usage. The article also takes a concise look at Sustainable and Development Goals established by the United Nations targeting a better socio-economic world, and not only, for every one of us, by 2030.

Why Do We Like People and Things We Cannot Get?

Paradoxically, people fall for unachievable things, ideas, and people. That is to say, people usually tend to appreciate things, which they do not own, or people who are to a certain extent unavailable or not reachable. Keep reading if you want to find out the reasons for such behavior.

Explore Art Online: Top 5 Galleries and Museums

With the pandemic shutting down the whole world, most of us are confined to the walls of our homes. Staying home 24/7 can leave anyone bored to their core. No one can binge watch streaming websites or surf the web for months. So people naturally need some old fashioned entertainment of culture and education.