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Climate Change VS Young People

Climate change is perhaps the single biggest threat to humanity right now and for the foreseeable future. So, there’s no one better to fight it off than those who will…

The Value of Safe Spaces

Safe spaces are so important to so many marginalized people who feel like they can’t safely use their true voice elsewhere.

Vietnamese Universities Open after 6 Weeks of Closure

In this week's news roundup we speak about Vietnamese universities that opened after 6 weeks of closure, South Africa's decision to disable biometric systems at universities and Australian universities' decision…

Morocco Plans the University Reform

In this week’s news, we speak about Turkey’s plan to boost vocational schools, private universities in Bangladesh that admitted students beyond limit and university reform in Morocco.

35,000 Ethiopian Students Quit Classes

In this week’s news, we speak about Saudi schools that started teaching the Chinese language, Hong Kong's decision to suspend student exchange programs and unrest in Ethiopia.