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What to Do if Your Cat is Fat?

Has your cat gotten a little chunky recently? While a little bit of fat is nothing to be worried about and can actually be healthy for a cat, if your cat has started to look a little more round recently, then it might be time to think about helping them lose some of the extra weight.

Duke University, North Carolina, USA – Free Online Courses

Often reported to be one of the most innovative universities, Duke University consistently ranks among the top universities in the world. The institution has also been known to strive to help its students to fulfill their potential and maximize on their well being.

The Rising Trend to Thrift Shopping

In the ‘90s, thrift shopping was associated mostly with hipsters, and was seen as an option that came with the growing popularity of grunge music bands (cough, Nirvana). This sort of fashion movement was considered an anti-fashion statement because it did not follow any particular fashion trends, and its purpose was not to make your clothes look expensive or new. But we can easily say that nowadays thrift shopping has actually become a fashion trend itself.

Eco-Friendly Fashion Battles Pollution

The fashion industry is one of the world's biggest polluters, accounting for 20% of the world’s water waste. Natural materials take a shocking amount of water to grow, but the alternative is equally horrifying. Polyester is often used in clothing because it is cheap and flexible, plus it is used as a “vegan” leather alternative. However, the microfibers ejected while washing these clothes is equivalent to more than 50 million plastic bottles annually! But if both natural and manmade fabrics are harmful, how can fashion be eco-friendly?

Tesla 101: Is Owning a Fully Electric, Self-Driving Car Worth It...

Humans have been dreaming of cars that drive themselves and fly for years. The only flying Tesla, so far, is the one that Elon Musk launched into space in 2018. Earth-bound Teslas do not have the ability to fly, at least not yet.  They can, however, drive themselves with incredible accuracy. These pricey vehicles are beautiful and powerful, and they can make your driving more relaxing. But is it practical to have a car that needs special chargers, skilled and specialized mechanics, and is expensive to insure?