Helen Keller: Forever a True Icon

It’s worth looking back at the life of one of the most important people ever. Her commitment to worthy causes led to her name being forever engraved in history books.

The Music of Black History Month

As music continues to bring people through various walks of life, it’s important to acknowledge black musicians that sculpted, created, and invented much of the music individuals know and love…

The Life and Works of Alphonse Mucha

The fin-de-siecle, the end of the 19th century, was the era of evocative shades and seductive compositions. It’s the age of beauty and neoclassicism, but most importantly, it’s the age…

New UNESCO Heritage List

The latest meeting of World Heritage Committee took place in Baku, Azerbaijan. As a result there are 29 new cultural and natural sites listed under the protection of the UNESCO.…