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Indian Movies That Made An Impression

For this weekend we have chosen a few Indian movies that made quite an impression. There are two true stories from the sports environment and the other one is moving drama.

Universities from England and UAE Want to Tackle World Water Shortages

In this week’s news we speak about South African Minister's desire to prioritize rural universities, a collaboration between universities from England and UAE in order to tackle world water shortages and fear of job losses at Kenyan university.

Toyota Logistic Design Competition

Baggage handling at airports could do with a proper makeover. So, if you feel that improving the current systems is your bag, accept the Toyota challenge. The deadline is on 22 October 2019.

Basel, Switzerland In Photographs

Theatre, culture, the river Rhine, trade fairs, industry, architecture and much more. You are in Basel, Switzerland.

One of the Most Popular Destinations Among International Students – Switzerland,...

Ranked as the number one country in the world in terms of the quality of life, Switzerland has always held its own position among the best countries in the world to live in. This is on account of many reasons. The main ones are economic and political stability. If there is a true democracy anywhere in the world, it’s probably here. It’s another matter that women got the right to vote in the federal referendums in this country only in 1971.