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Finfluencers: A New Financial Trend

Social media’s financial gurus are setting a new trend as young money advisors. Read on to find out about finfluencers and what to watch for regarding this trend.

Cash Flow: Lifeblood of a Business

Cash flow is simply the movement of money into and out of a firm. Yet, there are special considerations related to it, which you can find out in this article.

Balance Sheet and Income Statement

There are different financial statements that every company prepares and communicates to shareholders and investors. These are tools to show a company’s financial well-being. In this article, two of the…

The Role of Technology in Financial Literacy

Finances, in general, have become increasingly rooted in technology, from mobile banking to transferring money online. Yet, while uptake of these technological initiatives has grown massively, literacy has struggled to…

Capital Markets: A Staple of Global Economy

Just like any other market, capital markets are realms where there are sellers, buyers, and transactions going on. It is just that the products are different types of capitals.

Mobile Payment System in China

China is leading the cashless revolution. They are trying to reveal what a cashless society means for the world moving forward. Mobile payment services, dominated by two leading players, Alibaba’s…

The Basics of Asset Classes

Keeping in mind that each asset class has its own advantages and risks, let’s see which general asset classes are out there. 

Venture Capital Explained

Venture capital is an important funding source for start-ups and other companies with a limited operating history and doesn’t have access to capital markets.

Sustainable Finance: What It Promises

Unlocking the potential of financial markets, especially the private sector, is recognized as key to enabling a clime-neutral economy. But are there any differences between sustainable finance and other concepts…

Who Are Angel Investors & What Do They Do?

Angel investing is about passion. Angels get involved mainly because they enjoy helping early-stage businesses, mentoring young entrepreneurs, and participating in developing an emerging business. When you enter the angel…

The Best Retirement Plans for Entrepreneurs

Retirement is what every individual worker must witness in their lifetime. But when we speak about entrepreneurs, we must explain it from other aspects. Entrepreneurial financial attainment capacity was positively…

Why You Need to Learn How to Budget

Budgeting is essential when you want to manage your monthly expenses, prepare for life's unpredictable events, and be able to afford big-ticket items without going into debt. You do not…