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Determination is the Driving Force to Success

Targeting success in many forms is only human. Being best at this or that... The movie characters of today´s movie picks - based on true stories - lead them to success through their boldness. Hope you enjoy them as we did.

Russia Wants to Provide More State-Funded Places in Universities

In this week’s news, we speak about Greece that wants to attract more foreign students through its history and culture, Russia's attempt to provide more state-funded places in universities and separate Ministry for Higher Education that will be considered in Malaysia.

2020 Yunus&Youth Fellowship Program

Are you building a business to create a better world? The Yunus&Youth Fellowship Program is a six-month online program designed to empower young social entrepreneurs to develop their full potential by strengthening business models. The deadline is on 16 February 2020.

Explore International Scholarships in Budapest

Over the recent years, Hungary has been actively looking for international students to study in their country. To this effect the government and some of the other bodies have floated scholarship programmes to seek out students from all parts of the world.

2020 Summer School in Applied Molecular Microbiology

The John Innes Centre/Rudjer Bošković Summer School in Applied Molecular Microbiology will take place in Dubrovnik, Croatia from 5-12 September 2020. The deadline is 14 February 2020.