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From Fear to Joy of Missing Out. Perhaps It’s Time for...

Fear of Missing Out, for which social media is colossally responsible, is widely defined as a constant desire to stay connected to what others are doing online. This widely shared need to stay connected, and the fear that others are having more interesting and rewarding lives, is among the biggest causes of social media addiction, a study suggests.

Nomad Travel Writing Scholarship: Win a Trip to the Caribbean

The World Nomad Travel Writing Scholarship is sending three aspiring travel writers to explore beyond the sandy shores and crystal waters of the Caribbean. On the 14-day trip you'll attend a workshop with NY Times contributor Tim Neville then put what you've learned into practice and tackle real-life travel writing assignments. The deadline is on 11 March 2020.

QUIZ – Are You an Expert in Knowing Traffic Signs

"Today was so hectic, I thought I would have to come by car." a loud enough whisper by one of the students of a driving school, caused a burst of laughter among the students. Driving by itself is not difficult. Not for some at least. It is the traffic signs that are sometimes confusing and not always properly followed. How is your knowledge of traffic signs?

Wogrammer Journalism Fellowship

The Wogrammer Journalism Fellow will allow you to be a part of inspiring the next generation of intersectional women, girls, and non-binary individuals to pursue STEM careers by showcasing these underrepresented groups across a variety of industries. The deadline is 1 March 2020.

Incredible Stories for the Weekend – Movie Picks

With another weekend approaching here we are with our next selection of movies. This time it will be about those outside the ambit of the law. Coincidentally, two of the movies from our movie picks are dedicated to bank robbery, one to a kidnapping and all of these are based on the true events.