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How To Regain Control Over Your Life When It Gets Overwhelming

Life can come at you fast sometimes. Here, we talk you through how organising your life can take away the chaos and introduce calm to your weekly routine.

International Day of Education 2021: Recover and revitalize education for the...

We celebrate International Day of Education by speaking to a young Kenyan who is paving the way to improving education for the Covid-19 generation.

Belgium: An Ultimate Guide For International Students

A country at the centre of the European Union, Belgium could be considered one of the best places to study in the world. Here is the complete guide to studying in Belgium.

How To Ace The New Duolingo English Test

Recently, Duolingo has introduced an English test that is now accepted on par with IELTS and TOEFL at universities worldwide.

Books Can Be Your Therapy: Five Books to Read When You...

Life is not a never-ending party that always brings joy and elation. Even the most successful people have experienced streaks of bad luck which have resulted in moral breakdown and emotional exhaustion verging on frustration.