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The Love At The Second Glance Movies

Nothing like love at first sight. The characters in some of these films begin with being far from liking each other. But what do you know, love can also begin after the second glance. And that is the topic of this week's movies.

The Era of Podcasts: The True Geordie

The popularity of podcasts has risen to exponential levels in recent times. Whether it be the ease of which they can be accessed or the relaxed, informal yet informative setting they seem to create; several podcasts have become an integral part of our daily lives. Every week, we will take a look at podcasts from the world over to help you find the podcast that is perfect for you. This week, it’s the True Geordie Podcast.

Kenya Wants to Reach 30,000 International Students

Mandatory religious education for university students in Azerbaijan Eurasia Net reports that mandatory religios education for university students in Azerbaijan is going to be introduced....

Droughts It Seems To be – What Can Be Done In...

When a region receives below average rainfall or precipitation of moisture we call it a drought. Droughts can last months or sometimes even years. What can we do at the individual level to contribute to the ecosystem. First of all, reduce consumption of water for cooking, bathing, in the toilet, gardening, replace dripping faucets, if possible keep water for reuse, install aerators in your faucets and showers, install appliances that are more water efficient, install the latest toilets that use less amount of water, don’t use the disposal variety of sink and instead dispose of your waste food into the garbage or compost, plant drought tolerant grass and of course go for water harvesters in a big way.

Student´s Prostitution On Rise

A vast percentage of higher education students who need to augment their financial resources move towards temporary and part time jobs. At the same time, about 5 percent of the student population are involved in the sex business mostly working as escorts.