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At the Very Thin Line – Prey vs. Predators in Action

It's the law of nature that predators kill and eat their prey. Horrendous as it may sound, nature creates a balance so that the predator usually attacks the weak and the sick and thus mostly leaving the healthy population of the prey to survive. Here we have some pictures showing the two in action.

My Brilliant Friend – the Story Played by Life

Before we deal with the successful Italian series `My Brilliant Friend`, I want you to think back to someone who was free and brave in your childhood. And what did you feel, each time you were next to that person, or now when you think of  that person? These are the feelings that you must keep in mind as you watch the fascinating story of the lives of Lila and Elena.

Scholarships for Africans and Other Specifically Targeted Countries

As the world continues watching the current scenario, the last dates for most of the scholarships are being extended. In this article, we shall cover those scholarships that are specifically aimed at international students from the African continent and other targeted countries.

WE Empower UN SDG Challenge

The WE Empower UN SDG Challenge is the first of its kind, a global business competition to honor, support and celebrate women entrepreneurs who are advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and inspiring entire communities to create the world we want by 2030.

Students´Life in Tokyo

The most populous metropolis in the world. A culture well apart from any other. An ultramodern city that also blends tradition into itself. Restaurants, the most neon lights, religious sites, art museum and the busiest pedestrian crossings compared to anywhere else. You are in Tokyo, Japan.