Super Bowl 2017 Ads: The Finest Selection


Super Bowl brings together more than 110 million people in front of TVs and believe it or not, a quarter of people claim ads are the most important part of it. With companies spending at least $5 million for a 30-seconds ad, they put out strong messages, force us to think differently and most importantly, make us laugh until we cry.

The pattern we noticed throughout this year Super Bowl ads is that more companies started to address inequality, immigration, freedom of speech and overcoming prejudices.

Through a beautifully filmed ‘Daugher’ ad Audi points out the gender inequality and ask an eye-opening question: What do I tell my daughter?

AirBnB focused on race inequality, reminding us once again that borders are made only in our minds and challenge us to embrace diversity of global world. 

We’re an endless travellers and Expedia believe travel has the power to change the world, one person at a time. It touches on the idea that travel can broaden the mind, help us overcome prejudices and make the world a better place.

Serious topics aside, ads still serves its role when they entertain us – and if they can make us laugh in less than one minute, then they know they did a great job. The last time we were playing “Born to be Wild” on repeat we imagined ourselves on Harley Davidsons. This year, Mercedes changed the game.

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