Where All International Students Moving From and To

A recent map published by UNESCO shows the countries where all the world’s international students are moving from and to using the most recent data obtained by the organization. 

The map shows the countries worldwide in different colors, where the primary color shows the ranking of a country based on the number of outbound international students and the inner color of the circle shows the ranking of a country based on the number of inbound international students.

About 200 countries for outbound students and about 125 countries for inbound students are featured in the report, and only some are left with no data (those are shown in gray color). 

Top countries for outbound students worldwide included the United States, France, Germany, India, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Iran and Saudi Arabia. The destinations preferred by the highest number of students worldwide included the United States, Canada, Russia, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy and Australia 

Surprisingly, no countries in Central America, South America or Africa made it to either of the rankings. In Central America, the most popular destination seems to be Cuba, in South America it is Brazil and in Africa Egypt and South Africa. Many of the countries in the aforementioned regions were left with no data obtained.

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