Startups in Berlin, the best by YT

The industry in Berlin died basically, its art scene was rapidly blooming and the city earned the reputation of being “poor but sexy”. In the last few years, the situation has been changing, and the German capital became the European startup center. As one recent study shows startups could create around 100 000 jobs by 2020 in the city with the highest unemployment rate in Germany. We listed the best of these startups.


This is a multinational e-commerce company that specializes in selling shoes, clothing and other fashion and lifestyle products online. Robert Gentz and David Schneider founded the company in 2008, initially under the name Ifansho and with the focus on shoe selling, but then it extended to other branches. Since then it has expanded to fourteen European countries. In 2014 Zalando was listed in Frankfurt Stock Exchange and until now is offering a job to more than 7000 people.


The first mobile game developer and the world’s 5th biggest (by monthly active users) was founded in January 2009 by Jens Begemann, Patrick Paulisch, and Philipp Moeser. The company develops free-to-play mobile and social games for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, and social networks like Facebook. Wooga’s company structure is decentralized and run by autonomous teams working under separate studios within the company.


Wheelmap is the most extensive data collection on the wheelchair accessibility of public places and it is available in 22 languages. This creative initiative is helping people in wheelchairs to increase their mobility and consequently, to participate easier in their society. Wheelmap is an open and free online map where everyone can give their contribution by tagging and sharing information about wheelchair-accessible places. Also the photos or comments could be additionally uploaded in order to describe the place better.


Teamwork Across Global Office or shortly, twago, is the first European freelancer marketplace that brings together clients with experts from all around the world for services they need: from programming, graphic, and web design to translation and research. The platform is translated into English, German, Spanish, and Italian. Its target group is predominantly small and medium-sized businesses that can profit from all the advantages of outsourcing.


Is a leading social networking site for scientists and researchers to share papers, ask and answer questions, and find collaborators. Many describe it as a mix of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The founder of this platform thought that it would be a great idea to have a reputable website where scientists can publish their work, instead of paying for publishing in other places. In 2014 ResearchGate received the “Digital Innovation of the Year” award from Focus magazine.

Get Your Guide

One of the world’s most successful online travel startups, founded in 2008, is offering everything from guided tours to diving lessons. Its purpose is to connect tourists with suppliers of tours, attractions, excursions, and various activities. GetYourGuide has now offices in Berlin, Las Vegas, and Zurich and it currently has more than 23000 products in over 2200 destinations with more than one million monthly visitors.


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