Start Learning Online Today – 30 Courses In Every Field Of Interest


Since colleges and universities can be expensive and can take too much time, many people would rather choose online courses for popular occupations such as IT or marketing. Many of these online students find jobs soon they finish their courses. Even if online courses often can’t be compared with college and university degrees, still many people choose to get any knowledge they can via the internet rather than no knowledge at all.

In the era of the internet, various fields of study and knowledge in general are available and applicable to everyone who has access to the internet and to anyone who knows how to use it. Today there is basically no excuse why someone can’t learn or try to learn something new: a new language, a new career, a new occupation, or new skills. The biggest barrier to learning online is discipline and the difficulty some people experience with concentrating, but with today’s technology you don’t even have that excuse. Today there are many websites and applications which offer short lessons, sometimes lessons that last only 5 or 15 minutes each day, so you can definitely stay focused on the topic.

If you are proactive and like to learn new things, the links below can be very useful to you, and the websites can help you to gain new skills and learn many things about different topics. Many of them offer materials completely free, but many of them also offer inexpensive courses and lessons. Never stop learning!

Ten courses from colleges:

  1. Open Yale Courses – these courses are made for people who like to learn online or for anyone who can’t be present at the University. You can find many videos on this site and also audios from lectures. Just search the site and pick a field and topic you like, download the content (or watch it online) and that’s it!
  2. The University of Reddit – on this website you can find many creative and educational courses such as a filmmaking, courses about music and art, and also courses in the fields of philosophy, social sciences, etc.
  3. MIT Open CourseWare – This is the leading technology university in Massachusetts, and here you can find a lot interesting and helpful lessons about various topics – from lessons about linguistics to lessons about mathematics.
  4. Khan Academy – This is a website with thousands and thousands lessons about many topics, and it is directed at three categories of users – you can sign in as a teacher, as a parent, or as a student.
  5. Kutztown University’s free courses – This University is based in Pennsylvania, and it offers many courses in the business field and also courses in Spanish.
  6. Open Learn – Open University offers free content across a huge spectrum of topics such as languages, politics, sports, etc.
  7. Harvard Law School – This is a perfect site, because Harvard’s Law School offers a huge number of conferences, lessons, panels, and many other creative gatherings and approaches to learning. There is also Harvard Medical School Open Courseware – the courses are about medicine, and the site is open to everyone.
  8. Open2study – Courses from universities, and also many free courses.
  9. My Own Business Institute – Many courses about business.
  10. OEDb – This is a website which offers many different courses from biology to languages. 

Ten additional popular sites for online courses:

  1. Coursera
  2. Alison
  3. Udacity
  4. Open Culture
  5. EdX
  6. Udemy
  7. Skillshare
  8. Lynda
  9. Codeacademy
  10. Codeorg 

Ten interesting and creative lessons:

  1. Zooniverse – Here are many lessons about nature, culture, and natural sciences with a global perspective.
  2. How stuff works? – A website with answers and explanations for everything you can imagine
  3. TED – There are mostly motivational but also educational videos about various life topics but also topics from the sciences.
  4. Drawspace – Lectures about drawing, for free!
  5. Lifehacker – Much advice to help you to solve the problems of everyday life
  6. JustinGuitar – Guitar lessons
  7. Bio’s Best – A place where you can find biographies of many famous people
  8. Layers Magazine – Tutorials about Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, and In Design
  9. Creative Flow – over 950 courses and content in general about Photoshop
  10. Creative Live – Music, photography, art etc.
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