Most Exciting Spots to Be Discovered this Spring


If you are in need for inspiration for your travels this spring, look no further. Whether you would rather break away from the routine and admire cherry blossoms in Japan or wildflowers in California, this list has it all. Put together by editors of the National Geographic, the list features the most exciting spots worldwide to be discovering this spring.

Joshua Tree National Park, California

This National Park is proud of documenting over 750 plant species due to its unique ecosystem, as it combines sections of the Mojave Desert, the Colorado Desert and the Little San Bernardino Mountains. The visitors can enjoy variously colored blossoms March through May.

Malton, North Yorkshire, England

One of the main attractions this spring is the so-called “foodie fest” – Food Lovers Festival. The festival takes place May 23rd until 24th along with the Malton Monthly Food Market.

Lisse, Holland

Famous all around the world, the Dutch hand-planted tulips burst into bloom from mid-April until beginning of May. The best place to see them is Lisse’s famous garden Keukenhof, located about 30 minutes from Amsterdam.

Leipzig, Germany

This year, to celebrate this city’s 1000 years of history and many other historical milestones, Leipzig is hosting the “1000 years of Leipzig Festival Week”. The festival takes place May 31st until June 7th and will offer dance, theater and other art performances.

Tokyo to Hokuriku, Japan

The new bullet train launched March 14th and connects Tokyo to Kanazawa, a UNESCO City of Crafts and Folk Art. Bullet trains speed up to 260 kilometers per hour and the one in Japan has a special “Japan Rail Pass” for foreign visitors.

Kauai, Hawaii

Beautiful nature of Kauai plays one of the leading roles in the new Jurassic World movie, which premiers in June. Sun-kissed beaches, thundering waterfalls and lush rain forest valleys are among what this place has to offer.

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