Some Of The Strangest Facts, But Facts Nonetheless

An animal rights law introduced in Switzerland has made it illegal to own just one guinea pig since these are social animals and need a partner. This and many others may amuse you, and yet they are real. Scroll down to read more.

  • Scientists in China monitor the behavior of snakes. According to study snakes can predict earthquakes days in advance by banging their heads.
Burglars at the full moon
  • More crime happens on full moon nights. The London police sends out more forces to patrol the city on full moon nights.
  • According to a Harvard study, data collected from 1973 to 1999 shows September 16 is the most common birthday.
  • A company in the U.S. makes fireworks out of the ashes of those who have been cremated so that they can have a blast while leaving.
  • Oysters are mostly eaten alive.
  • Anyone looking a little sick in the house of parliament in the U.K. is carried out quickly because it’s illegal to die there.
  • When we cry out of emotions our tears contain a natural painkiller which comes from the family of endorphins. Thus, crying can be good.
Happy panda
  • Pandas kept in captivity sometimes fake they are pregnant to get preferential treatment from their caretakers.
  • According to some those born in November feel that the world doesn’t treat them right. One study found there were seventeen serial killers born in November compared to an average of nine in other months.
  • Mohammed, spelt variously, is the most common name in the world.
  • A British woman of 59 is believed to be the world’s oldest natural mother. Her name is Dawn Brooke and she gave birth without any fertility treatment.
  • Ramjit Rahav, a former wrestler in India is believed to have fathered two children at the age of 94 and 96.
  • More Indonesians are becoming obese. Fifty policemen in a small region were ordered to go on a program of aerobics, swimming and jogging to get back into shape.
Interior of Claude Monet mansion
  • Claude Monet the painter was extremely poor like most painters those days until he won the national lottery in 1890 after which he lived in style.

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