Some Movies Begin Well, Others End Well

Even though one would think it’s essential for all films, it doesn’t always happen that movies are good all through. Sometimes it is the first part that raises hopes and other times after stumbling through the first part and trying your patience, some of the movies pick up the tempo and end well. Interestingly, they all have fairly good reviews and taste is often subjective.

This film made by the maker of the famous Black Swan and starring Javier Baerdem and Michelle Pfeiffer was quite compelling to begin with. By the time it approaches the end the director surely lost his way and ends up trying your level of tolerance. The film is about a happy couple until their life begins to be tested.

The Happening
A very good film to begin with starring Mark Wahlberg and Zooey Deschanel. Quite riveting actually until it begins to peter out.

The Omega Man
A very good story by Richard Matheson who also wrote the screenplay. Doctor Robert Neville is the only survivor left with his dog on the planet. Will Smith has tried doing justice to the role. Although the book was quite excellently written the film is something else.

The Wicker Man
A slow starter that builds up very well. Starring Christopher Lee.

Another slow starter that built up very well. This is a horror film starring Peter Cilella and Vinny Curran

Author: Martina Advaney
Photo: IMDB

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