Smallest Countries In The World

Vatican City – 0.44 km²

Photo: Shutterstock

Monaco 2.02 km²

Photo: Shutterstock

Nauru 21 km²

Nauru island / Photo: Tatters ✾

Tuvalu 26 km²

Tuvalu / Photo: Stefan Lins

San Marino 61 km²

Photo: Shutterstock

Liechtenstein 160 km²

View of the capital of Liechtenstein with the Castle Vaduz / Photo: Shutterstock

Marshall Islands 181 km²

Photo: Shutterstock

Saint Kitts and Nevis 261 km²

Panorama of Saint Kitts and its capital Basseterre / Photo: Shutterstock

Maldives 298 km²

Photo: Shutterstock

Malta 316 km²

Valetta,  Malta / Photo: Shutterstock

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