Should You Make Travel Plans This Summer?

With most of us house bound during 2020 and the start of 2021, creating new travel plans around the world seems tempting. But should you?

Summer is just around the corner, and vaccines are being deployed left and right. Should you make travel plans this summer? Or should we play it safe and keep things local?

There are many mental health benefits of planning a trip, even if you don’t end up going. But the good news is, some travel may be possible very soon!


The Mental Benefits of Planning a Trip

According to TravelZoo, it is statistically proven that planning vacation time directly correlates with greater happiness in your personal and professional lives. 

Further research suggests that the planning stage of the trip brings more happiness than actually fulfilling them. This is why you should plan trips regularly even if you aren’t sure you can go!

It can seem torturous to plan a trip you can’t take, but research proves that the planning stage makes you happier than actually going on your dream trip!


Lower Airfare Prices

Due to COVID-19, airlines lost a lot of business. At the same time, millions of people had flights cancelled, and many didn’t get reimbursed. 

A year later, the airline industry has changed, and prices have fallen. Many airlines offer flexible flight changes and cancelations, something that was almost unheard of before the pandemic. 

For example, I booked a flight for August back in March, and I am allowed to cancel it up to a week before the flight and reschedule it free of charge up to a year from the booking date. 

This makes me excited about the trip, and I feel reassured that I won’t lose my money if the situation changes.


Is It Safe to Travel?

Cheap travel costs are significant, but what about safety? 

In the USA, almost everyone has had an opportunity to get at least the first dose already. 

They are beginning to be widely available in other parts of the world, although every country and region is different.

If you are vaccinated, you might still be able to transmit the virus. 

However, you should be safe from contracting COVID. If you are fully vaccinated and traveling to places where other people are mostly vaccinated, you should be safe. 

shutterstock 293482145
Travel At Home: If going abroad seems risky, there is always lots of amazing spots in your own backyard to enjoy

That being said, keep in mind that there could be new strains of the virus. 

Things are still changing regularly, and travel restrictions could return at any time.

 Even if you are vaccinated, you might get sick, and there is always a chance of being quarantined. 

COVID aside, there are always other safety risks when it comes to traveling. You need to do a lot of research before you make any decisions. 


Consider Domestic Socially-Safe Travel

International travel is still a little iffy and comes with a lot of complications. You are best off traveling locally.

Rent a car and drive to some incredible places within your country or go hiking in a nearby forest. There are so many fun and safe outdoor activities that you can do.

You may think that there’s nothing to do in your hometown, but you are probably wrong! 

Check out websites such as Atlas Obscura and explore those unusual spots. Better yet, find something to add to this beautiful website for others to enjoy in your area! 

So many people are looking forward to traveling this summer after a year of being house-bound. Things are expected to get a little crazy with many people attempting to travel. 

If you are going to book a trip, make sure to read the fine print and find out if you can change your tickets or get a refund for cancelling just in case. 

If possible, try to get vaccinated and make sure to follow all guidelines to keep yourself and others safe.

We have a new series of country guides set to kick-start your travel plans. This time we head to China:

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