Seven Incredible Feelings Only Fall People Will Understand

The sun may be setting earlier, but for a lot of people, fall (or autumn) is the best time of year. Here's why.

As a Fall person, I have always felt this spiritual and emotional connection to it. Until now, I have associated it with me being born in October, hence the love for this season, right?! 

That is when I discovered that my love for fall goes beyond that. It makes me feel both physically and mentally good. However, not all of us enjoy this season the way we do, so here is a list of feelings that only Fall people will understand.  


Crispy Leaves

More specifically, the fairy way that leaves fall from the trees on sunny, early mornings. This is the time where you can take advantage of every moment of this great weather to spend it outdoors. 

May it be just for a walk on a foggy morning. There is no better feeling than walking through a golden walkway as we release our stress in the crunchy leaves under our feet. 


Autumn Rain

Have you ever found yourself in situations when it started raining and you ran for your life to have a cup of coffee by the window, gazing at the rainy afternoon before it stops? Because this is me, guilty as charged. 

The feeling of those hot beverages in your hand will warm you up from the inside. And for those who do not drink coffee, we might have something in the store for you as well.

Hot wine, hot chocolate, warm apple cider, or better yet…(see section below)


Pumpkin Spiced Latte 

Pumpkin Spiced Latte was and is still considered a cultural icon. It represents the autumn arrival with the leaves changing their colours. 

Thus, even the ingredients of this latte, such as pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove correspond to the colours of nature while we experience Autumn. 

Making us truly experience the autumn journey. Autumn fellas – you feel me! Go ahead and run for your pumpkin spice latte! Or everything pumpkin at this point.


Leaf Collecting

Besides apples and grape harvesting, we also “harvest” our leaves. Yes, there is such a thing. We make a collection of leaves in our notebooks and use them as bookmarks. 

We like seeing how different each and every leaf is, and how they wrap themselves in autumn, magical colours.

The best thing about this is that we can preserve those leaves, for long periods of time – to look at them when winter arrives, and become slightly melancholic of the seasons changing.


Cosy Feeling

Yes, go ahead and put those scented candles, put those wool blankets on your sofa, and go wild. Wrap yourself in your favourite sweater, as the temperatures are cooling off (finally), and pick a movie to watch from that “to watch” list of yours. 

‘Autumn and Chill’ should be the next Netflix slogan. 


The soothing and mesmerising sounds of a crackling fire can really give us a warm and safe feeling. This is when the ‘deep convos’ happen and at the same time, sipping on a glass of wine. 

There is no need to turn the lights on, the fire will lighten the place for you. And if you happen to be inside a wood cabin – the feeling is a whole lot more intense.


A Fresh Start

Autumn has always given me a sense of a fresh start. I think of the fallen leaves in the form of life challenges that I have faced and that are now being completed, they are on the ground, leaving me wiser and more thoughtful. 

We start reflecting on our deeds, the future, and how our “new selves” will be with a renewed spirit. No wonder Americans voted Autumn as their favourite season. 

These are only seven of many other mesmerising experiences of fall. Savour each one of these to lift your spirit, before our lovely season goes away.

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