Selection of Movies from 2018

For this week we have prepared a short summary of notable films from the year 2018.  We could not cover all the films launched in 2018, so we have focused on a taking a wide-ranging look at the topics that were interesting enough for producers to make movies about them.

Alfonso Cuarón has produced a memoir in the form of a movie, derived from recollections from his own childhood against the backdrop of political events in Mexico in the seventies.

A Star Is Born
An unusual combination of a music star, Lady Gaga, with an actor, Bradley Cooper, in a movie about the popular country singer Jackson Maine, who discovers the talented singer called Ally. In the process, her rocket-like rise as a singer owershadows Jackson’s own career, and he doesn’t take his loss of prominence very well.

Arguably, the film industry’s most controversial new release in 2018 was Profile, based on real events in the life of an investigative journalist called Anna Erelle, who posed as a young radical Muslim in order to make contact with key members of ISIS to uncover the practices behind the recruitment of young girls who are being lured to Syria, and of course also to discover the motivations of the girls who choose to make this journey. The minimalistic format of the movie, in which action is confined to a monitor, creates a palpitating drama. From the interviews of Anna Erelle, who now lives under witness protection in order to save her life, come unexpected findings about the motives of these young women. Acording to Erelle, there are many factors, but the most shocking may be that many are trying to achieve fame through their decisions and actions.

First Man
Ryan Gosling in the role of Neil Armstrong in a historical drama about the events leading up to the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon, in 1969. Armstrong was known to maintain an almost meditatively calm approach to almost any situation and to avoid panicking even when his life was in danger.  Calm or not, dramatic moments are obviously guaranteed.

Photo: IMDB

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