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Over the last few years, Turkey has been making all efforts to attract international students to study at their universities. During the last five years alone the number of international students studying in Turkey has risen from 48,000 to 178,000.

What one understands is that the Turkish government has taken a decision to make an all out endeavor to project itself as one of the centres for learning and to this effect are en route to reaching a number of 250,000 international students as early as 2024.

Thus, the scholarships on offer are fairly attractive. The following three are the major ones:

Turkiye Burslari

This programme covers tuition fees, subsistence allowance, accommodation travel expenses to Turkey and a return ticket after graduation
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YTB Government Scholarship

This scholarship comes under the patronage of their ministry of culture and tourism. The funds that are offered are variable and students must write to them to find out what they are eligible for.
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YOK Tubitak

The programme funds scholarships right from undergraduate level and the monthly amount varies from 1,700 to 2,000 Turkish Lira plus expenses towards tuition which works out to 270 to 305 Euros at the current rate of exchange. This would evidently mean that the awardees must be prepared to pitch in an additional amount themselves to partly finance accommodation. An average Turkish family of four usually spends 5,000 Turkish Lira per month exclusive of rent.
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