Scholarships and Grants – International Visegrad Fund

Under the present conditions, most universities and funding bodies are extending the dates for receiving applications for scholarships and grants.

This fund of 4000 Euros and above is for some of the programs limited to the V4 countries which are Hungary, Slovaka, Poland and the Czech Republic and others extend to other countries, as well, mainly the east European countries. 

Small grants

The small grants of 4000 Euros are primarily to support projects in culture, research, education and tourism and the last dates of submitting applications this year are the 1st of June, September and December.


Visegrad Scholarships

These scholarships are for those students who wish to do their master’s degree and post master’s degree studies but must study in one of the V4 countries. These scholarships extend from 1 to 4 semesters.

For more details visit their website.

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