Scholarship Can Come in More Than Handy – The Newest List of Opportunities

There are many benefits to studying abroad. It is recognized that those who move from their own country to another culture develop a much wider perspective in many areas and become more inclusive. Not just that, such individuals generally become more confident and social. Furthermore, after facing all the challenges they do in their day to day life, their overall abilities of judgement, reasoning and processing of information get a boost.

Since all those who wish to study in a foreign country do not have the resources, scholarships come in handy for many of them. Some of them cover all expenses and others are a partial relief. For this week we have the following recommendations:

API Abroad

This scholarship offers half a million dollars in scholarships each year and the amounts range from 250 $ to 2000 $. More info.


This body has various programmes and they earmark 2 million dollars towards scholarships and assistance. More info.

Calmette and Yersin

This grant is for doctoral studies and covers study, living and insurance expenses. The programme is open to all nationalities and is offered by Institut Pasteur. The grant mainly covers research in infectious diseases and public health activity. More info.

La Trobe University Full Fee Research Scholarship

For study in Australia, this program offers assistance to those who are graduate researchers and future PhD candidates. The amount is fairly good at a little over 27,000 AUD per year. More info.

United Nations Scholarships and Research Grants

This organization has many programs and grants. They partner with several bodies and institutions. Some of their programs are targeted especially towards women and towards those from developing countries. More info.

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