Right Under the Alps – The University City of Turin, Italy

  Turin in the North of Italy attracts a vast number of foreigners, whatever the season. This is a city of international students, tourists, history, art, culture, ski resorts and […]


Turin in the North of Italy attracts a vast number of foreigners, whatever the season. This is a city of international students, tourists, history, art, culture, ski resorts and friendly locals.

Until a couple of decades back the tourist traffic to this city was confusingly lagging way behind Rome and Florence. This caught up along the way and why not? After all the city has  much to offer, including the astonishing views of the largest river in Italy, Po, with the Alps in the background.

After Prague and Lyon, Turin is also considered the city of white and black magic. In this city, which was once the capital of Italy, a few of the locals avoid the Piazza Statuto which they consider to bring bad luck on account of prisoners being executed there in large numbers during the ancient times. On the other hand, lovers leave their symbol of eternal love in the form of padlocks on the bridge over the river Po.

The architecture in the city is distinctive on account of both the Christian and Muslim influence.

Somehow the disparity of male to female ratio in the city is quite curious with women outnumbering men by almost 10 percent. The population of foreigners living in the city, including international students, is about 16 percent of the total.

Last but not the least Turin is home to the carmaker Agnelli, the manufacturers of Fiat and other brands. Known as the Detroit of Italy, Turin is also a favourite among filmmakers.

This is one of the major ‘university cities’ in Italy with a fairly large number of public universities offering vast ranging courses to meet most students aspirations. Do check out their websites to make sure of what you seek :

Politecnico di Torino

Official website

Department of Veterinary Sciences
Official website

University of Turin

Official website

Department of mathematics
Official website

Department of culture
Official website

The Centre for Research Audio and Video
Official website

Department of Sciences
Official website

Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Sciences
Official website

While the fees is an affordable 1000 to 1200 $ per year, Turin is not a cheap city by any standards and an international student must therefore budget for between 1100 to 1200 $ per month towards living expenses inclusive of a shared room or shared accommodations.

As for intermingling, there is no dearth of foreigners living in the city and the locals surely are welcoming. There is also an International Students Association.

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