Retro Appliances And Devices Vs. The Modern Ones

One does not lack what one doesn't know about. With the abundance of appliances and devices that are produced today we do not think of the way they became necessities. Let's make a trip to the past and compare some of the previously made devices and how they contrast with the contemporary ones.

Retro Appliances And Devices
A useful vacuum cleaner from the old days. Today you have the choice of the robotic one.
Retro Appliances And Devices
Ironing is hard work any which way. The modern ones do make it easier.
There used to be a time when one had to get up to switch on the TV and even to change channels and volume.
Toasters have remained almost the same except for the modern look.
How many of us would be able to operate the old fashioned phone today :-).
At one time it was the cellers though refrigerators have also long been around. Smart fridge can tell you what you are about to run out.
And finally the progress in cooking. I only wish the inventors would take into account the basic fact that after few hours of cooking one has difficulty keeping one’s finger on the hot surface in order to switch it off 🙂

Read more about retro appliance and devices, but also about their modern version here.

Photos: Shutterstock / Graphic Design: Martina Advaney


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