Relaxing Corners of YouTube: 10 Calming Videos To Adapt To Your Daily Routine

Away from gaming and lists, YouTube has a quiet corner where you can relax and unwind whilst also giving yourself some love.

So, I’ve always been quite the YouTuber kid, trying to discover new music, new videos, educational, informational, and diverse. 

I have always been giving a shot to YouTube suggestions because why not? New videos I click on often lead me to the most amazing artists, singers and bands. 

As you probably know from my previous articles, I am quite the fan of the YouTube channel of School of Life. 

They have these short animations and videos on all sorts of topics that manage to soothe me and teach me so much about myself. One of the videos I mostly cherish and replay quite often is: School of Life – Self-Compassion.

Turns out the video was uploaded in 2016, but I only managed to discover it through 2021. I guess this is the time when I needed self-compassion the most. 

Anyhow, ever since I clicked on that video, YouTube has been taking me places. It’s been suggesting the most calming videos and channels that I want to share with you today.


Michael Sealey – Guided Meditations

If you’re into guided meditation sessions of 25 minutes, 45 minutes or even 2 hours, Michael Sealey is your guy. His voice has been absolutely soothing and hypnotic to me. 


Michael Sealey – Guided Meditation for Detachment from Over-Thinking 

One can never give away too many School of Life links. So here’s another one, on self-kindness and tenderness. 

You’ll see how other relevant videos of SL will be listened to on your right, so knock yourself out!


School of Life – How to be Kinder to Ourselves

I have recently also discovered the beautiful channel of Nao, a YouTube vlogger who uploads mesmerising videos of her home, how she declutters, takes care of her plants, and treats her space like it was some sort of a temple. 

Here’s one of her videos on how to recharge during a Sunday.


Nao – My Sunday Reset Routine

And I’d absolutely suggest you go and watch her other videos, where she shows you have to take good care of yourself, like on this one:


Nao – Take Care of Yourself – My Self Care Routine

Or, if you forgot about counting your blessings, go check out her YouTube video on the things that provide sparks in her life, and in our lives for that matter – simple things like reading, pouring and grinding coffee, or making a good omelet. 


Nao – Things that spark Joy in Life

And last, but not least, if you’re a morning person, or you’re struggling to become one, her morning rituals video is so calming that you’ll end up imagining yourself in her cozy apartment, as she performs morning rituals and rises towards her day.


Nao – Morning Routine in Autumn 2021

Other channels I started discovering were just as helpful to me, as I managed to relax, and become part of the videos I was watching or listening, visualising myself in those cozy environments. 

This upcoming video on Fall Ambience, slight Jazz and Rain sounds, is the one I usually use to fall asleep:


Calmed by Nature – Cozy Fall Coffee Shop Ambience: Relaxing Jazz Music & Rain Sounds for Studying, Relaxation, & Sleep

Whereas I use Lo-fi videos to study work peacefully, whenever I have to take work at home. I know you know Lo-fi girl videos, especially since she became a meme material throughout 2021.


Lo-fi hip-hop radio – beats to relax/study to:

And finally, here’s my current favourite playlist. I play these songs compiled all together when I’m in my office working, with headphones on. And I swear the songs are so beautiful, I end up almost feeling the divine vibes of Paris coffee places.

Another morning in paris / indie, jazz, french pop, lo-fi playlist:

Photo: Shutterstock

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