QUIZ And A Tip For A Trip: Spas That Distinguish Themselves

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    1. Hungary is famous for its system of spas. It even is called the country of spas. There is one thermal spa 30 km from neighbouring Slovakia´s Bratislava known for its waters particularly suitable for inhalation. What is the name of the place?

    2. There is a spa in West Bohemia specialised in treatments for children and teens. Natural mineral springs are used for treating circulatory, digestive or respiratory tract diseases, as well as skin problems or oncological diseases. What is the name of this spa?

    3. Hot springs and Japan belong synonymous, there is a city in a Southern Japanese island rich in volcanic mountains where there is so much hot water underground that steam is visible from a distance. What is the name of the this place?

    4. The history of this European spa located in eastern England dates back nearly to 2000 years was used even by the ancient Romans. This very spa covered in UNESCO heritage list is no longer used for its original purpose but there is a modern newly opened spa instead. What is the name of this oldest European spa?

    5. In 1921 the president to be Roosevelt suffered polio. During the prime of his life he couldn't stand or walk. Then he discovered a not very known spa with water at 88 degrees where he eventually stayed for his treatment and slowly he managed to heal himself. After his stay he established the place for treating polio. What was the name of the place Roosevelt discovered back then?

    6. Another spa town founded by the Romans is located in a picturesque area of Germany on the border with the Black Forest. The springs were known to the Romans as Aquae and Aurelia Aquensis. What is the name of the town?

    7. Imagine taking relief treatment surrounded by the most stunning views in the Himalayan foothills. Located in the state of Himachal Pradesh near its capital Shimla the local Hot Sulphur Waters are considered beneficial for skin problems, muscle pain, joint pain, blood circulation and respiratory problems. What is the name of the spa?

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