Public Universities in Pakistan Will Be Controlled by Governemnt

Public universities in Pakistan will be controlled by governemnt

The Sindh government passed the lastest law which allows chief minister to take control of public universities and degree-awarding institutions. Previously, the person responsible for these institutions was the governor. In the future, vice-chancellors, pro-chancellors, pro-vice-chancellors and finance directors will be appointed by the chief minister, while the governor will distribute degrees to graduates. At the same time, the admission policy will also be determined by the Sindh government. Faisal Subzwari, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) deputy parliamentary leader stated: “Today, the Pakistan Peoples Party government has attempted to snatch powers from public universities. The Sindh government can’t run its own departments. How will it manage to control all public universities in the province?”

Universities in China will be changing their focus from the profit-making to the battlefield duties

Global Times reports that as a part of the ongoing military reforms and reshaping of the education and training, military medical universities in China will be changing the focus from the profit-making to the battlefield duties or their “combat” role. “This round of reforms of military academies has adjusted the structure and layout of the military education system,” Chinese defense minister spokesperson announces last year. “After this, we will have formed the overall setup of academies with joint operational universities as the core, specialized colleges of various arms as the foundation and civil-military integrated education as the supplement.”

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