Public Poll Shows Young Russians Value Knowledge of Foreign Languages

Despite recent tensions between Russia and the West, Russians continue to consider foreign languages an important asset and are interested in learning them. 

A recent public poll by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) presented data collected from a survey about the importance of learning foreign languages at school, their usefulness in real life and advantages they present.
The results suggest that a vast majority of the Russian population (92% of the polled) consider foreign languages important to learn at school. In Moscow and Saint Petersburg, the percentage of these people was 98. Only 4% of the respondents believe it is not important.
Exactly 74% of the polled are convinced that speaking different languages will help their children and grandchildren in the future. This view is largely shared by residents of the two biggest cities (84% of polled), by those aged between 25 and 34 (82%) and by respondents with higher education (81%).
English is considered to be the most important language to know by 92% of the respondents. Other important languages for the Russians include German (17%), Chinese (15%) and French (10%).
Many people saw the ability to communicate with foreigners to be the main advantage of speaking different languages (28% of the polled). One in every five respondents believes that such skills will help to land a better paying job and social status (22%). Easier travel thanks to the knowledge of foreign languages is valued by 16% of the polled.
Language can also serve for self-development, according to 11% of the respondents. Other benefits included the ability to watch movies and read books in the original language (4%) and the use of language in education (3%).
The poll was conducted in September 2014 and 1600 people from 42 different regions in Russia took part.



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