Powerful Weekend Movie Picks


All through, a dramatic selection of movies – this is our regular film selection for this weekend. All very highly rated and will give you a good time.

From the movie Prisoners

This is a tension filled drama starring Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal. Keller Dover is a carpenter played by Jackman whose daughter is kidnapped along with a friend and when the police runs into a wall, Dover takes matters into his own hands to find the two missing girls. Gripping.

Goodwill Hunting
Starring Matt Damon who plays Will Hunting and Robin Williams who plays Sean Maguire the therapist. This is a powerful drama of Hunting who comes from the working class background and is gifted with a genius IQ but chooses to work as a janitor. Maqurire takes Hunting under his wing and with all the patience in the world helps him shape his life. A very highly rated film.

The Truman Show
Truman Burbank played by Jim Carrey and Cristof played by Ed Harris do a superb job in this movie. Unknown to Truman, right since he was born he is a part of a TV show controlled by Cristof. The TV show has been going on right into Truman’s adulthood and finally when he discovers the truth and wants to escape, many serious impediments are put his way. Certainly a film worth watching.

This is an exceptional movie about a Satrapi who first wrote the book about life in Iran before the revolution and after and then in Europe. The film is about Satrapi’s life and is full of gripping tension and drama.

Photo: IMDB

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