Discover Portugal Through Photographs

Portugal, after innumerable invasions until the 16th century went on to establish its own empire. After setbacks in the later centuries, the country progressed to distinguish itself on many fronts. It is one of the most pleasant countries to visit or to live in. While the 'more advanced' countries, the latest example being Ireland, took their own time legalising even abortion, Portugal went ahead and legalised not just abortion but also gay marriages and even decriminalised drugs which eventually showed a better impact on the health system. This probably is a reflection of the mindset of the people who are fun loving, tolerant and offer a great atmosphere. The country teems with smiling hospitable people.

Most parts of Portugal offer a Mediterranean climate which makes it a good country to visit not just in the Summer. After Brazil and New Orleans the carnival of Shrove Tuesday or as it’s called in some countries Mardi Gras, the carnival in Portugal is the liveliest with three full days of merrymaking. Rich in beaches and history the country has much to offer, including pre-historic sites.

Viana do Castelo 

Basílica de Santa Luzia, Viana do Castelo

The back of the Church of Santa Luzia


Azulejo in Porto –  painted ceramic tiles typical for Portugal is used outdoors and indoors too

Azulejos Panel at Sao Bento Station in Porto, Portugal

Azulejos Panel at Sao Bento Station in Porto, Portugal

Detail – Azulejos Panel at Sao Bento Station in Porto, Portugal

Photos: Dana xbone Hosova

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