Portraits of the Disappearing Tribes of the World


Photographer Jimmy Nelson spent three years between 2010 and 2013 visiting some of the indigenous cultures present in the furthest corners of our planet. His aim was to seize portraits of the disappearing individuals teams and to protect glimpses of their rites, customs, and traditions — photographs that he hopes will stay even when these cultures fade away.

Garsho, Hylo, Pita, Colle, Aike & Garupa. Bori Village, Southern Omo. Ethiopia, 2011

Altantsogts, Bayan Olgii. Mongolia, 2011

Dele, Lale, Korcho Village,. Omo Valley, Ethiopia, 2011

We first featured this undertaking again in 2013. Right here’s a bigger choice of pictures.

Yangshuo Cormorants. China, 2005

Noel Pearse & Dominique Pere. Huka Falls, North Island. New Zealand, 2011

Lekir Monastery. Ladakh. India, 2012

Gisborne Pageant, North Island. New Zealand, 2011

Lelesas, Louelen, Lewangu, Lepokodou, Loingu & Nyerere. Ndoto Mountain Vary. Kenya, 2010

Oxana Teyunrultett & Oleasya Etguest, Second Brigade. Chukotka. Russia, 2012

Rock of Rah. Rah lava Island, Torba Province. Vanuatu Islands, 2011

Hilao Moyizo Village,. Omo Valley. Ethiopia, 2011

Nyerere, Loingu, Lewangum & Lepokodou. Kaisut Desert. Kenya, 2010

Tumbu, Hangu, Peter, Hapiya, Kati, Hengene & Steven. Huli Wigmen, Ambua Falls, Tari Valley. Papua New Guinea, 2010

Bayau Bulang. Renchinkhumbe, Khovsgol. Mongolia, 2011

Perak Woman. Lamayuru Monastery, Lamayaru Village, Ladakh. India, 2012

Menaja Koke. Ponowi Village, Jalibu Mountains, Western Highlands. Papua New Guinea, 2010

Yakim, Brigade 2, Nenet. Yamal Peninsula, Ural Mountains. Russia, 2011

Rauwhiri Winitana Paki. Taupo Village, North Islands. New Zealand, 2011

Goroka, Japanese Highlands. Papua New Guinea, 2010

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