Poitiers and La Rochelle – Our Next Destinations On University Cities

The city of Poitiers best known as the colour coded city has its pavements painted with lines in red, yellow and blue which makes it easy for visitors and tourists to find their way around. Another major attraction that it is known for is the Futuroscope. A visit to this place is indeed an experience. With futuristic buildings, all hosting 3D films with sound effects and seats that move wildly with the action, attracts crazy throngs of tourists.

The city is also known for one of the best universities in France and the university of La Rochelle  which is just an hour and a half away comes under the university of Poitiers.

A theme park Futuroscope (Parc du Futuroscope) near Poitiers, France

La Rochelle is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and the three things it is most known for are one of the largest parks in France, boat racing and one of the oldest and most magnificent ports in Europe. The F1 boat racing events are truly electrifying and sensational. This is where you get to see some of the most powerful boats in action.

Both Poitiers and La Rochelle are cities where you can get lost in time.

Students come to Poitiers and La Rochelle from all parts of the world.

Let us remind you to go through our previous articles on universities in France and update yourselves on the revised fees structure.

As usual, we cover only the public universities on account of affordability and quality of education and also as usual we would suggest you go through their web sites to identify the courses most suited to your aspirations:

University of Poitiers
Official website

University of La Rochelle
Official website

Foreign students have their associations in most countries. However, it’s always recommended to mingle with the locals. Not only are they friendly they are also almost always enthusiastic to help you brush up your skills in the French language.

The Living Costs

The cost of living in France is fairly high and it’s recommended that you budget for between 1100 to 1200 $ per month for both of the above cities to meet your expenses in addition to your tuition fees. On this kind of a budget it’s best to aim for a shared accommodation.

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