Places Where People Have Lived In Continuity For Millenniums

Civilization goes back millenniums. Many of the cities that existed in the ancient times are mostly well and alive today and some have been destroyed by war. Even the ones that have faced destruction remain populated to this day. From Athens  and Varanasi to Damascus and Aleppo let’s have a look at some of these cities.

Luxor Egypt – inhabited since 3200 BC
Great Mosque Of The Umayyads in Damascus / Syria before war – first inhabitants already at 9000 BC
Western Wall Plaza, the Temple Mount, Jerusalem, – inhabited since 2800 BC
From Aleppo Castle before Syria war – Aleppo´s settlement dates back to around 6000 BC
Sidon, Lebanon – first settlements at least from 4000 BC
Varanasi, India – oldest inhabitants about 3000 years ago
Zadar, Croatia – since cca 1000 BC
The Acropolis of Athens, Greece – fist inhabitants cca 7000 years ago
Jericho is dating back to 6800 B.C

Photos: Shutterstock

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